The beliefs that guide us

Value the founder's legacy.

We provide succession opportunities to Iowa-based companies, allowing them to flourish according to their founder’s vision. Every great company begins with a founder's passion for their product and their people. We will partner with companies to preserve and protect this legacy. 

WE, not I.

Ultimate success comes not from the contribution of an individual, but from the collective effort of a team. We work with diverse teams who share a passion for their people, their strategy, their product and their profitability.  We implement operational reviews to eliminate waste, improve processes, and empower employees to do the right thing. 

Radical truth and transparency.

Our team members are trained to work together to find creative solutions, are rewarded for actions that help customers thrive, and feel energized in their work. We cultivate meaningful work and relationships and build cultures that encourage taking risks. We understand that mistakes are part of the process, and we learn from them.  

Invest for long-term growth.

We invest to hold for the long-term. If we choose to exit a position, we do so based on what is best for the people and the business, not based on fund timing. Our leaders, our brands, our processes, and our people are continuously growing and improving for the sake of long-term prosperity.

Care about the community.

Our companies are embedded in their communities because we believe we have a responsibility to our employees, our community and our world. We are committed partners to many causes, especially those that support economic development, education, and non-profit organizations. 


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Weaton Companies beliefs in action.

Weaton Capital Re-tools to make face shields for healthcare workers

Weaton Companies leveraged the capabilities of their Honeycorr operation to produce thousands of face shields for Iowa health care workers in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Our mission is not to profit off this. We’re just trying to get this equipment into the field.” -Nate Weaton, Weaton Companies CEO

Nate Weaton, Weaton Companies President & CEO, works on the face shield assembly line