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We empower people to achieve

Leadership Approach

We continually pursue manufacturing and operational excellence through investment in our people and the tools they need to serve customers. 

Our team is trained in lean manufacturing practices and our leaders actively guide and support their people, always empowering them to do the right thing.
Weatom Companies team

A few of the talented craftspeople on our manufacturing team

3 strongly-held values guide our management approach

not I.

Ultimate success comes not from the contribution of an individual, but from the collective effort of a team. We support and empower our employees to do the right thing. 

Radical truth and transparency.

 We cultivate meaningful work and relationships and foster a culture that encourages growth. We know that learning results from many experiences, including learning from our mistakes. 

Committed to developing people.

 Our team members are trained to work together to find creative solutions, are rewarded for actions that help customers thrive, and feel energized in their work. 

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